A Tribute to Gerald Ballard.

Gerald Ballard was President of the South Carolina Breakfast Club since 1979. He passed on December 4 after a battle with heart disease.

Not surprisingly, he already had his grave marker in place and had on it this inscription: "At the end of each day, let me conscientiously say I have dealt fairly, matched wits, yet faced all squarely. I have no one to answer to. No fine to pay." That pretty much sums up Gerald Ballard.

Gerald Ballard - A South Carolina Breakfast Club Retrospective

It's a home cooked southern breakfast, great fellowship and flying! Every other Sunday since 1938, pilots & aviation enthusiasts in and near South Carolina have met for breakfast. That's it! No dues, no meeting requirements! Breakfast is around $6 - $10 per plate, is ready about 9am and there is always plenty. Fly in or drive to the airport, belly up and talk aircraft, aviation, or anything else, to your hearts content! Pilot or non-pilot, everyone Welcome!

The South Carolina Breakfast Club, has been visiting airports around South Carolina and a few surrounding states every other Sunday since 1938, missing only events during World War II when fuel was not available. This is a club that has no dues — you join by attending your first meeting, and “the only rule is to fly safe.”

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